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Andrew Mellen

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dear Andrew ...

Dear Andrew,

I'm wondering if you have a suggestion for how to save User Names and Passwords for various online accounts.

I can't seem to keep these all together and wind up having to reset things all the time.



Dear Marian,

Thanks for writing!

I can certainly appreciate the challenge of keeping all of one's passwords organized and available -- and how frustrating it can be when you're trying to log onto a site and can't get in for want of the correct information.

So here's a few different suggestions for you, from the manual and low tech, to the automated and app or software driven.

I have a simple spreadsheet that I put all that stuff in -- which you can password protect if you choose, depending on how secure your network and/or computer are. Here's a link to a blank version for you to download and try out:

[insert link here]

They also make various apps and software programs that will keep all that info together as well. I don't endorse any of the following so do your research carefully.

Here's a few review sites to start you off:

Hope that helps!