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Andrew Mellen

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Scary Mail

It may be hard to believe that people could be so overwhelmed by snail mail that they hide it in boxes or bags under their bed ... but they do.

For those of us not caught in that particular cycle, it's easy to see that the mail doesn't go away, nor does the information that the mail carries disappear.

If you owe someone some money, the debt isn't satisfied by ignoring the bill.

If someone's invited you somewhere, the event doesn't NOT happen because you didn't rsvp.

So a couple of things to think about:

1) If hiding mail isn't your thing, what do YOU hide either literally or figuratively under your bed?

2) What can you do to drag "the mail" out from its hiding place and begin to address it?

There's no need to tackle your hidden procrastination accumulation all at once but pulling out that first envelope and opening it up is key to changing your behavior.

Willingness is the foundation of all the change that you have and will make in your life.

Beyond force, discipline and willpower.

It is the soft opening to a possibility beyond what is present that allows you to move towards your goals.

Here's to the possibility that one day NOTHING will be stored under your bed, literally AND figuratively.

To eliminate junk mail specifically ... which often gets shoved under the bed along with collection notices:

Save the paper, the planet and a bit of your sanity all at the same time.